Enter the world of Robopocalypse!

"Color is the most powerful thing in the world" ~me, just now.


  • MANY different colors of enemies!
  • U P G R A D E S!
  • Loads of fun
  • No happy ending!
  • Weapons!
  • Cool effects!
  • Pixel art!
  • Main menu!
  • Camera effects!


Programming: Amazur a.k.a @Mee6#9052

Art, debugging: @Valia#1576

Idea, debugging, art: @NotManyIdeas#9972

Created for:

Weekly Game Jam - Week 112


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This is great! The art is cool, and I think that the camera shake and particle effects really sell it. Amazing to see what you could create in the time, especially seeing as you joined late.
Keep up the good work! <3


Thank you! I'll keep you updated if we'll release something new :D Recently a brilliant music creator from Canada joined our team, and it looks like we are going to release a mobile game in the span of the next few weeks!

Very enjoyable! Nice graphics, upgrading is fun.

If I had a critique, it would be that after 1 gun upgrade, the game feels impossible to lose, unless you just stop clicking.

Still, fun stuff. Good work! :)

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Yeah! We joined kinda late, so we've made this in three days. The gun upgrade thing was made probably in the last 6 hours before the jam ended :D

Next time we'll be better. Especially considering that this was our first game that we've made :D

Thank you for the input! Appreciate it! :D


Awesome, keep it up bro!


Fun game! I really like it. It's fun to upgrade your equipment. 

thank you for your feedback! more games coming soon ^^


Nice game idea and fun to play.  I like the dancing robot and the music too haha

thank you! hope to do better with week 113. feel free to tell us bugs or stuff you would have liked to have in the game!

perfect game 11/10 -ign